Sunday, 6 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

Happy new year to you all, I hope this year hits you with plenty potatoes, tons of tomatos and buckets of beetroots.

Yesterday I sowed my first seeds of the year, some basil for the window ledge.  It has given me the bug so tomorrow I'm going to make a start on some early tomatoes, chilli and spring onion, I love this time of year :)  

I made some cranberry sauce at the beginning of the week with some cranberries that my Stepdaughter brought me when she visited from Ireland after Christmas.  When I was washing the berries, I remembered a post on the grapevine talking about saving cranberry seeds from the fruit.  So I couldn't resist giving it a go and threw a few berries into a jar.

I strained out the fruit today and was left with a small bundle of seeds

 They are drying out on a plate and I'll pop them into the fridge for a few weeks for stratification.

The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday looks good, dry but cold so hopefully we'll get to the plot and start clearing out the greenhouse.


For The Record - VVG's Sowing and Growing in 2012 said...

I tried cold stratification with caper seeds. I hope you have more success! Will you grow them in tubs as they like acid soil?
HNY to you BTW :)

Carol said...

Hi VVG, do you think it might be better putting them into the freezer?

If I get them to germinate, i'll keep them in tubs for a while then probably put them into the bed with the blueberry bushes using ericaceous compost and a PH lowering feed...... that all sounds great in theory but if i'm honest my bluberry bushes got bunged into the bed as is and are pretty much neglected and they still produced a good crop, no doubt the cranberries will suffer the same fate :O.

Giggler said...

Hi Carol, Glad to see there's another cranberry nut around!! Mine are in the fridge - hope I remember what they are in a few weeks time!