Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My new seedling grow box

This year i'm going up market, window ledges will be only half full (I hope)

OH made me a grow box for my seedlings, we used an old computer cupboard and fitted it out with a fluorescent light and some reflective material that i'll probably replace as it's not as effective as white paint, so i've heard.

This is the computer cupboard
  First job was to take the shelving out of it.
 It looked so much bigger when the shelves were out.
 Next job was to wire up the fluorescent light, we used the cable cut from an extention cable we had lying around
 And tested to make sure it was working
 It was then fixed to the top of the cupboard and some white coated hardboard fixed to the back of it.
 We then lined it with some reflective material

 Looking at it, i'm not convinced that it will adequately house all the seedlings that normally reside on my window ledges but I will cram in what I can :)


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Anonymous said...

Yeah i think you will need to put shelving back in now so you can double your seedling amount..x