Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It feels like ages since I've updated

I haven't been down to the plot much over the last couple of weeks due to my Dad having a very serious accident.  Last I was there, everything was looking great, I harvested a couple of garlic to see if they were ready but they looked like they could have been doing with another week or two so I've left the rest of them in to bulk up a bit.

We had our first two strawberries of the year and I wish I'd had my camera with me, they were the perfect strawberry shape and colour and tasted heavenly, it was such a treat.  The local wildlife have been helping themselves though as I didn't get around to netting them so I will have to get some mesh tomorrow as I have just read a blog on homemade strawberry ice cream and I want some :)

The first early potatoes are just about ready to come up and the leeks will take their place as I didn't get the leek bed ready either.

The carrots were sown quite late but have popped their heads through the soil and I think I must have gone a bit overboard with the seed sowing, there are hundreds of them and I hate thinning them out, it seems such a waste.

The celeriac are still in pots, their bed will be ready next week but I'm not sure whether it's too late now for them, I'll still bung them into the ground and see what happens, they may surprise me.

I'm really dreading my next visit, with all this rain, heat and humidity we've been having the weeds will have been running amok in my abscence,

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Things are at a frenzy now.

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I love this time of year even although I always feel like I'm chasing the clock.

Got the frame up for the French Beans and the Climbing Courgettes I'm trialing this year.   I filled the gap under the frame with some spare strawberry plants that were looking a bit poorly but seem to be coming back strong as ever.
 The Brassicas are all out now and their cages built.

 I changed the way we normally plant potatoes this year and decided to earth up as they grow rather than mound them when planting.  By doing it this way, I didn't space the rows wide enough apart and we are stuggling to get enough soil from between the rows for earthing up.  The plants themselves are looking great though, I just hope the spuds below ground are the same.
As the beds are slowly being filled, everything else is being pushed back into a corner for tidying later but what a mess we've made of our wee half finished patio.