Saturday, 19 May 2012

This week's update.

The weather has been awful for months and everything is backing up in the greenhouse.  Thankfully next week is looking promising and I will be planting some more stuff into the ground (with fleece on standby).

This week I sowed beetroot, spinach, four rows of various varieties of lettuce, coriander, flat leaf and curly parsley.

I rescued these wee tomato plants from the supermarket, they were in one of those mini cell trays on the right of the photo and looking very sad (one cell had two plants, bonus :).  The nice man in the produce department reduced them to £1 for me, I pinched out the dead leaves and gave them a good drink before potting them on.  They don't look too bad now but only time will tell.
 I potted on the celeriac, some of the seedlings were still very tiny but I think they handled the upheaval well, no broken stems like the brassicas
 I harvested my first crop today, cut a few rocket leaves from the mixed salad box for my sandwiches, it made me realise why I do all this work rather than buy a bag from the supermarket.  The taste was second to none, it's hard to describe.
 I found this wee seed head amongst the pansies and thought I'd have a go at saving them for replanting.
 There were about 30 seeds inside the pod and they are now drying on some paper towel.

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