Friday, 11 May 2012

Some allotment photos

It's taking forever to get things done at the plot with all this crazy weather we have going on.  Most of the digging is done, with just the bit at the bottom and top right still to be dug over.

The big greenhouse has one of those plastic, zip up greenhouses inside it with the tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, aubergine, sweet peppers and chilis.  The rest are living on the worktop in the small greenhouse, just waiting to get in the ground.

I did plant out the broadbeans and some dwarf borlotto, I'm sure the broadies will be ok but I think it was a mistake to put the borlotto's out while it is still this cold.  May need to sow some backup seed, just in case.  The other two plants in this pic are parsley that I kept in pots over the winter and planted out last week to let it run to seed for saving this year.

I was having a look at my garlic last week and noticed that one of them has three stems.  Someone on the Grapevine forum did mention that they have some that are doing the same thing, I've never seen this before so I'm looking forward to harvesting it to see what is going on below ground.

And here's a wee pic of some pansies, I love how they look like Yosemite Sam :)

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