Friday, 30 March 2012

.....and then everything went to pot.

We went to Ireland at the begining of the month to see our first Grandchild, three week old Sarah.  When we got home, Tommy took ill and ended up in Hospital, looks like he will have to go back in early next week again as things are not getting better. 

Things at the plot are getting there and I have 5 drills of potatoes in and one more left to dig but with Tommy out of action i'm likely to fall behind any time soon.  

I was really humbled by two of my plot neighbours today who have offered to help me rebuild my blown off greenhouse roof, this Sunday, I thought people like these were long gone, it's been so long since i've come across any.  Another plot neighbour invited us along to his today for a BBQ, it was fantastic and certainly beat the turkey sandwiches we took with us :)

Hopefully i'll be back with some pictures soon.

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