Friday, 3 August 2012

Harvest from True Potato Seed

Yesterday we harvested the potatoes that we had grown from TPS tubers I was really pleased with what we got back.

Here is what we planted...
And here is what we harvested...
I have a sample of each cooking right now and if the flavour is good then I'll be saving the rest to plant out next year.  And of course I'll need to name the variety :)

We've just done the taste test and couldn't be happier.  The ones on the left are floury  and will be ideal for mash and chips.  The ones on the  right are waxy and perfect salad potatoes.  Both taste absolutely fantastic but as hubby says it could be a case of "yer ain shilling eiwis shines the brightest".

So, I will definately be storing these for replanting next year and have decided to name them Dozer and Mica.

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