Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Growing Potatoes from True Potato Seed

In 2010, my main crop Maris Pipers produced seed heads when the flowers died back.  I had read about growing potatoes from seeds and there were arguments for and against doing it so being a bit of an experimentalist, I decided to give it a go.

I let the seed pods dry out in the greenhouse over winter and around January of 2011 I scraped out some of the seeds.  There were hundreds of these tiny seeds but I only planted up about 10.  I then proceeded to neglect the seedlings that had sprouted (I kept forgetting about them) and by the time March came there were two poorly looking survivors that deserved a chance.  I planted them out and they grew really well, I lifted them at the same time as my first earlies, which was too early for these spuds.  One plant produced two teeny weeny spuds and the other had three viable looking tubers so I saved both varieties in the salad drawer of my fridge and forgot about them again until last night.

I took them out this morning to start chitting them and lo and behold the larger ones already had chits begining to show.  I'll plant these out at the end of March and see what I get back, if they are successful i'll name the varieties.

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